Market & Business Intelligence

Within a transparanter growing world important information isn’t always patent, a lot is filtered out or is lost in the huge flow of information and misses the proper attention. MSR helps her clients with the most important insights, direct actions and improvements. Information is only relevant if it helps us to realize our ambitions!

  • Our specialization

    Market insights

    • Market analyses
    • Determine of potential
    • Design

    Market research

    • Polls
    • Trend analyses
    • Product research
    • User experience
    • Co-creation

    Customer research

    • Customer profiling
    • Customer loyality
    • Motivation research
    • Pricing
    • Service level evaluation

    Business intelligence

    • Performance dashboard
    • Balance score card
    • Employee satisfaction
    • Progress evaluation

    Business service levels

    • Health check
    • Performance check
    • Service level evaluation
    • Mystery shopping