Profiling and prospecting

A volume brand importer and its dealer network struggled with the proactive penetration of the market and has asked MSR for support. Through the use of the unique MSR database we were able to execute prospect and customer profiling. After the potential is determined we can work on this. MSR supports this with innovative tooling, through which the customer contact cycle can be accessed directly.

Our approach

  • MSR addresses a specific market database (customized fittings)
  • Together with the client, the profiling criteria are determined
  • MSR carries out the segmentation of prospects and customers
  • Definition of the contact cycle and settings of calls for action’ (triggers)
  • Approach of prospects / relationships through telephone approach or e-DM / DM
  • Own monitoring or outsourcing to call centres of MSR


  • MSR database
  • Front end tooling for lead monitoring


  • Complete insights in the customer journey
  • 100% monitoring of all actions and chances
  • Optimization sales funnel
  • increased turnover

Relevant expertises