Automotive & Equipment

If you want to keep up with the automotive industry, you have to shift gears. Innovations are changing rapidly and proven business models often no longer work. With MSR you avoid being overtaken. In an accelerating world we help you steer towards continuous growth.

  • Our specialization

    Network & Implementation

    • Network Strategy and development potential (including tackling white spots)
    • Establishing and implementing brand strategy, customer contact (eg organizing centralized / decentralized BDC / KCC)
    • Realtime network performance

    Sales & Service

    • Increase Revenue within existing customers and attract new customers
    • Realize cost savings in workshop and sales process
    • Gross margin increase per customer transaction

    Customer intimacy & value management

    • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
    • Taking care of customer contact (eg MOT & maintenance)
    • Audits & Mystery shopping

    Market & Business intelligence

    • CRM strategy, multichannel and data integration
    • Setting up and supporting digital marketing strategy
    • Market research and target potential
    • Customer Profiling and triggers-for-action implementation for private and corporate sales team

    Business recovery & turn around

    • Business Restructuring & potential utilization
    • Realize efficiency improvement
    • Behavioural change and improve results orientation