Market research

  • The conduct of a regularly market research is essential in order to remain successful in winning and retaining customers. MSR performs a wide variety of market researches. Some examples of these researches are:
    • Measurement of customer satisfaction and loyalty
    • Determination of market potential among new markets
    • Mapping of customer behaviour
    • Benchmark of own performance against the market competition
    • Measuring the company’s image, brand awareness and brand preference

    Our approach

    • Together with the customer the research hypothesis is drawn and the target group is determined
    • MSR transforms this information into a questionnaire and determines the appropriate sample in relation to the specific study population
    • Depending on the purpose of the study a qualitative, quantitative, or combined analysis is chosen.


    • MSR has state of the art software for online research, data analysis and reporting, and since 2007 it has its own specialized international call centre for telephone surveys
    • Qualitative research is conducted in specially equipped research facilities
    • Quantitative international research is done directly from the Netherlands.
      Qualitative international research is conducted in cooperation with our international sister companies or via our partners.


    • Besides the research the report includes detailed recommendations and actions
    • In one or more workshops these results are translated into concrete changes in the (market) strategy and transformed in an action plan for the short and longer term

    Multi-client research

    MSR regularly conducts market research for several clients at once. This provides:

    • Substantial cost synergies: large-scale study at low cost
    • Comprehensive benchmarking opportunities
    • Direct access to inaccessible study populations. For example: customers and prospects of competitors, which are otherwise only accessible at very high costs

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