Fewer customers, more leads.

For a Dutch importer of cars with a B2C sales network MSR has anticipated in a professional way on the changing behaviour of consumers. This changing consumer behaviour is often reflected in the orientation on the Internet, digital fist contacts and reduced showroom visits. When visiting the showroom the consumer is informed in a more complete and different way than before.

In addition to a structural improvement in the lead management process at dealerships MSR received the task of achieving a structural behavioural change in the commercial approach of sales manager and sellers in the most effective and efficient way (from a reactive to proactive lead approach).

MSR’s Sales Boosting 2020 gives sales managers a better understanding of the current status of the lead management process which he can use to structurally change the behaviour of the employees with regard to the approach of leads and follow-ups. On national average span of control from 1 – 3 the behavioural change is realized in a very effective and efficient manner. This behavioural change in sales and sales leadership results in structurally generate more promising leads (2 per day) and a 100% follow up of the leads. The outcome is a significant improvement in the sales results.

Our approach

Upon successful development of the project MSR has adopted an integrated approach in which we tailor the following elements and issues that are discussed with the sales manager:

Coaching sales manager

  • 10 individual coaching sessions with sales manager on location
  • Handling coaching leadership based on situational leadership and further development of conversation techniques.
  • Increasing the personal effectiveness, inter alia with the aid of qualitative time management, and by working with the circle of influence.

Improve results

  • Providing insight into the potential and performance on the basis of a company scan and market analysis (SWOT)
  • Search and implement new leads (additional leads)
  • Achieving more turnover (sales)
  • Monitoring team performance on the basis of their own dashboard

Team and organization development

  • Training of employees through competency measurement and personal development
  • Detect bottlenecks in lead process and organization and approach and realize assurance work agreements
  • Grip on orders through an optimal functioning leadfunnel and management process


  • Scan of lead management process (per dealer location)
  • Leadership models (effective and coaching) for coaching sales manager
  • Competence monitor for progression measurement personal development
  • Weekly dashboard for monitoring 100% fully leadfunnelproces


The qualitative results achieved at the level of the sales manager with leverage to the sales agents are:

  • Improved leadership > behavioural change (from reactive to proactive)
  • Higher motivation and more commitment > better performances sales team
  • More insight and control > higher conversion leads
  • More structured lead tracking > more efficient lead process

The quantitative results achieved are:

  • Realisation of a substantial number of additional orders
  • Improvement of conversion from lead to order
  • Increase activation number of leads
  • Improvement of market share