Worldwide B2B loyalty programm

A global manufacturer of IT semimanufacturers had a loyalty program that was running worldwide at its top 400 customers.

Because of the complex DMU structure of its customers, this was a time consuming process. Furthermore the satisfaction rating was asked to the account self, this way they could determine their own results. The last major bottleneck was that the PKI were once drawn from a product vision and could not offer any relevant insights.

The producer asked MSR to draw up a new program and roll it out.

Our approach

  • Business analysis and determination necessary added value of program
  • Determine relevant PKI in loyalty program
  • Improving measurement process with relevant assurance
  • Development of specific loyalty program


  • MSR customer and product research
  • Dashboard
  • Loyalty program


  • Strong reduction of man-hour
  • Improving relevance and reliability of control numbers