Customer promises

For a premium brand MSR was asked to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. To achieve these goals it was necessary to improve the internal processes, and then to work on the positioning towards the market. MSR has rolled out the program “promises to customers”, in which the internal goals for employees must be clear and they must ensure that arrangements are properly complied.

Our approach

  • Together with the customer the ‘Moments of Truth’ are determined and values and pledges are developed
  • Subsequently MSR carries out a Quick scan of every dealer organisation
  • In addition MSR performs a customer satisfaction survey or customer workshop
  • Then an evaluation and improvement plan is drawn up
  • After a kick-off with the entire team, MSR leads sessions with the involved staff
  • After that MSR accompanies the external communication of the customer promises
  • Finally MSR carries out a repeated customer satisfaction survey


  • Communication tools
  • Employee handbook
  • Customer satisfaction survey


  • Improved image and customer satisfaction
  • Internal processes further refined and improved
  • Improved efficiency and cost savings
  • Positive mind-set staff
  • Maintaining a focus on customer satisfaction