Increasing revenues and earnings at existing customers

A volume brand wanted to increase its turnover. An analysis of MSR revealed that there was still a lot of potential within the existing customer portfolio. Together with the importer, we have set up a national approach, consisting of MSR standard modules, that increased the sales to existing customers by 25%.

Our approach

  • Potential analysis within existing customers
  • Phased roll-out, starting with  the rich customers
  • Modular deployment of proven concepts at different stages in the customer lifecycle
  • Created involvement at dealers and where possible uses existing capacity


  • MSR potential analysis
  • MSR customer research into preferences
  • Performance dashboard
  • MSR Call Centre for proactive customer contact
  • MSR lead management system
  • MSR call centre safety net for 100% assurance


  • 100% consistent follow-up of existing customers at the relevant times
  • More revenue per customer
  • Higher loyalty per customer
  • More margin per customer because of the lower acquisition costs for new customers