How to convert international plans into local profits

For one of the top 10 volume brands importers, MSR was asked to translate the global vision into a strategy for the local market for B2B sales. The keypoints were the strategy formation aswell as the content and guidance during the process.

Our approach

  • Translation vision to ambition
  • MSR guided several workshops were we discussed the governance structure, required recources and processes
  • MSR sets the strategy and blueprint, the targets are set jointly
  • The roadmap and milestones are then prepared by MSR and continuously monitored
  • After these first steps the implementation begins


  • Market research
  • Market analysis (MSR database)
  • Vision and strategy note
  • Businessplan
  • Strategic workshops


  • Best strategic fit through use of the expertise of MSR on B2B
  • Concrete strategic plan
  • Realistic plan, which makes it implementable
  • Increase of marketshare  with 30% in two years